$0 to $500k In
24 Months.

Our biggest workshop tour yet. 7 different states
all over the US + Canada.


PLUS    Cinema & Photo Workshop in 2 locations.

Where is it?

Our workshops are currently being finalised and we will send the details to you shortly in 2020 for full confirmation of the venue.

Please note ALL of our workshops will be within a 20 mile radius of the city airport

To be confirmed 

Why Invest?

Decision making in the business world can be overwhelming. Let us guide you. We’ve already made all the mistakes, you don’t have to. In this workshop you’ll learn exactly how we generate $500,000 revenue, manage 100-300 enquiries on a weekly basis and the logistics of organising our team of 10 employees.

Please note ALL of our workshops will be within a 20 mile radius of the city airport

Who are we?

Fire and Ice is a worldwide photography and videography company specialising in weddings. We have already booked 100 weddings for the 2020 season, bridging several continents. Our annual wedding revenue alone sees figures in excess of £350,000

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300+ Enquiries a month

We will share our closely guarded secrets of how we gain 300+ wedding enquiries a month (NOT IPS). These are tried and tested marketing strategies that we have developed over the past two years, which have allowed us to grow our sales potential and engagement across social media platforms. Alongside this, we will be sharing our business organisation and automation techniques, including contracting and building a successful team business as well as reveal strategies to increase revenue by upselling products. As an added bonus, you will also gain ​exclusive access to our VIP Facebook group that offers around the clock support from Christian, Yaky, Mills and fellow students

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Who will be speaking?



Christian John O’Reilly

Co Founder | Fire & Ice

Will be speaking throughout the Business class. Having worked in the industry for 6 years, he will be sharing his knowledge and experience.


Liam Griffiths

Web Developer | Fire & Ice

Will be speaking about the importance of SEO and how do use it to your advantage whilst managing your website.


Stewart Leigh-Firbanks

Videographer | Fire & Ice

Will be teaching our signature style videography, techniques and planning. Along with post edit workflow.

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How Much Is It And How Can I Pay?


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Does This Work For Other Photography Genres?


The methods we teach in the Business class can absolutely be applied to any photography genre. We limit the number of UK Business workshops we teach due to the effectiveness of our marketing strategies – We don’t want to generate too much UK competition!

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Why should you trust us?


Don’t take our word for it, Here we show a screen recording of our last 3 months out of season bookings and sales.

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Still on the fence?



Fire & Ice